What roles does social media play in relationships?

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Would you say, social media, or the internet, is one of the major causes of broken relationships on recent time? 

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Yes and No.
I’d say yes because humans are influenced by what we see and hear. The internet and or social media puts out a lot of things daily which makes a lot of people think that great relationships just happen. They overlook the fact that relationships involve a lot of hard work, commitment and courage. So, yes, social media is one of the causes of broken relationships.

I’d also say no because no matter how much you put into a relationship, if there’s no communication, it’s as good as gone. Social media helps us with faster and even easier ways to communicate so you really can’t put all the blame on it. Lack of communication is the major cause of broken relationships. Thank you.

Brilliant input, Thank you. I couldn’t agree less.

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I’d say no because if a relationship is not meant to be or developed on a shallow reason it will definitely crash.
Only a silly girl would be enticed by a man she sees on social media whose whole profile might be fake.
Only a foolish boy would also be enticed by a girl on social media.
And let’s face it, Why in the world would a guy already in a relationship message a girl he doesn’t know on social media for the sake of “friendship.” honey, you’re just asking for trouble.
And why would a girl in a relationship also entertain a guy on social media that messaged her also for the sake of being “friendly”?
Covetousness, greed lack of trust and loyalty would end a relationship. Social media is just one of many factors.

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