If a couple divorce and they now start having sex again would you call that fornication?

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It depends on your definition of fornication… If you define two unmarried people having sex as fornication, then it is… If you look at with logic and devoid of religious sentiments, it depends on the mind set of the people engaging in the act. If it’s all about orgasms and not connecting with your partner, then it’s fornication which some married people are even guilty of. As long as you don’t care about how the recepient is feeling, it is totally wrong, don’t use marriage as umbrella to sin.
The irony is the sex after divorce might even be more fulfilling for both of their souls compared to when they were married. 🤷

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Ah ah lol I call that conji..conji is between fornication and love..

But jokes apart, that’s actually fornication. If they divorced to man, then they have divorced to God.. so they ain’t longer one. But people might say “but they were married, what’s the big deal” the big deal is that they are divorced and any sexual communication won’t be seen as making love but fornication.

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