I cheated…. How do I remedy this?

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We’ve had the most amazing relationship.. you know the kind that makes you want to believe and stay in love… But I met someone else who tickled my fancy and intelligence, made me want to be a better person..( Don’t get me wrong.. My BF is amazing as well but this is different)… Little wonder why I didn’t push him away when he first kissed me.

So I’ve been having an affair… It’s taking a toll in my relationship cos I’m not the perfect liar. Then my BF is acting up like he knows what’s up

Should I tell him? I feel so guilty each time I see him..

Should I keep playing along?? I feel like so bad

The sad thing is that I know I’m in love with this new person.. I’m obviously the worst human on earth right now

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I feel for all of you. You, your present bf and the forbidden lover. If I were you, I’d bury the lover and focus on my relationship, I mean it bury the lover!

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After weighing this objectively, I’m not going to lie to you, you brought this one yourself by letting the impression of another man seep into you. If you want to drop the burden on you, tell your boyfriend. But know the hurt you would feel would affect your relationship with the secret lover. So come clean and start afresh, don’t even go for the other guy. If he really loved you, he would not let you cheat on your boyfriend because he wants to have a taste of you. That is just selfishness (I’m assuming he knows you’re in a relationship). To be honest, your boyfriend would always have second thoughts about your actions even if he forgave you. Start afresh and learn from this. 

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