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    3 ways of unlocking women’s hearts

    A woman.
    Machakos is one of the best counties in Kenya that men like visiting. This is because it has beautiful women who men love most.  To win them, you need secrets and tricks as they are not easy to get.

    Here are three secrets of unlocking Machakos women:

    Trust yourself

    Having confidence in yourself will make you achieve your goals. Most women from Machakos love dating men who trust themselves and believe in what they do. They love confident men who never want to fail in their mission. They like disturbing men before they give in to them. This is to determine whether the men have confidence.

    Bypass her resistance

    It’s not easy to win hearts of women from Machakos. They are tough women who never entertain jokers in their lives. You need to be more strong and serious enough to conquer them. Learn how to bypass their rejections before facing them. This is because they like seeing your seriousness before they can fall on you.

    Claim your woman

    Most of Machakos women want to be taken by their men. They love men who can fight for them and win wars. Some men fear them because they are jokers and lack the courage to claim about them. Respect, care and natural expression are what make them feel good.  It’s an easy bet for your win on them.