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    I have a friend , he’s Tope. I won’t say he’s very intelligent but he’s trying, especially when it comes to answering questions in class. He gasconades about it. We were kinda close cos I need to learn things from him.

    Exams can be funny atimes. People who read don’t pass well but those who don’t read pass so well. Tope became a victim during Jamb last year. Even if I wasn’t with him always, I know he reads very well since Jamb approached so fast.

    We went for the exam same day but different time. When he was done with his, I asked him how it went but Tope didn’t look happy.

    Me: Tope watsup now, how did it go?

    Tope: Hmm, wo I’ve done my best and left the rest

    Me: Are you kidding? A whole Efiko like you?

    Tope: Leave efiko, this is Jamb. It wasn’t Mr Patrick (our teacher) that set it.

    Me: It is well.

    After a while, I went for mine. I came out when I was through and wanted to gist him on how my exam went.

    Me: Tope, that exam was…

    Tope: Let’s go, I’m tired already.

    See shoki. I entered my shell back immediately

    Two days after that day I called Tope to ask about his result. He had 165! It was shame on his side cos with the way he performs in school, he never expected that.  I was startled but then, it happens. I had 230.

    Admission came and I was admitted into the University of my choice, 100l. I got a call from Tope one day telling me he’s in 200l! My eyes were wide open, how come?

    This was what he said

    Tope: After seeing my result that day, I was disappointed and worried. So I went online to see what I can do with 165. I came across something “Admission without Jamb”. Left to me getting 165 is like failing to write Jamb. I made enquiries about it and realized there’s actually a way you can get admitted into higher institution without writing Jamb or probably scoring below the expected mark, it’s through Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB). This program is a nine month program that gives you 98% assurance of getting admitted into any University you want through direct entry without stress and you won’t even start from 100l but 200l. It also prepares you academically so you won’t have problems with lectures when you are finally admitted.

    Me: Wow! Congratulations! This is really nice. I thinking should tell someone about this.

    • Tope: Thank you! Yeah, you should.

    He was enthusiastic while talking about it. I felt his joy. At least he has covered the shame he thinks he need to.

    This is really a cool program right?


    Follow this link http://www.sva.com.ng to get started.