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    To be skinny means having little flesh and fat generally beyond what looks beautiful and to be unhealthy means to be conducive to poor health, sick or ill.

    Most skinny individuals after seeing this will want to remain skinny and beautiful, of course they will choose that instead of poor health. If you really want to maintain your skinny body and beauty like me, you have to first understand that not all skinny people are healthy. Yes, you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy. The question here is “can you be skinny but still be as unhealthy as someone who is obese?” The answer is Yes. There are lots of skinny people walking around town assuming they don’t have any health issues. Just as someone that is considered heavy by society standards isn’t always a person living an unhealthy lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to be thin and still be able to eat whatever they want? Being unhealthy on the inside is just as dangerous as looking unhealthy on the outside. Fat starts to envelop itself around vital organs which becomes a large problem, since people can’t physically see this, they are tricked into a false sense of security that they’re healthy.

    No matter what your body type is, it is important to get the adequate amount of exercise to stay healthy so you can avoid long term heart problems. Exercising doesn’t have to be difficult. You can try a new hip hop dance, I know some will be thinking of Shaku Shaku, yeah, it will help.

    So my dear, for you to stay Skinny and Healthy, you need to

    1. Put down the bubbles: What I mean is, say goodbye to your favorite soft drink and welcome water or fruits blend.
    2. Refuel your oil tank: Even though most of us think oily foods are unhealthy, it is actually the opposite. Stabilize your cholesterol using Salmon and Sardines.
    3. Put the Kettle on: Drink more tea. Swap your coffee for tea.
    4. Get to Sleep well enough.

    A lot of slim people sacrifice their health for the sake of their appearance. People’s intentions are often in the wrong place when they want to loose weight. Their aim is to be skinny rather than healthy.

    Make sure you stay Healthy if not Skinny.