• Applications are invited from candidates from low-income countries to apply for the Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Programme 2019. The deadline for submission of applications […]

  • I mean is it that they choose to ignore facial expressions or what? In a situation where you aren’t Interested in talking to a guy but at the same time trying to be nice and relay the message through obvious […]

  • Please sit in your mother’s house and eat good food… it’s sad much can’t be done about it, just pray that’s all I can say really.

  • Lmao!!! G whet?!

  • We’ve been through a lot(he has been through more tho) and I don’t think love is the issue, I mean we love each other but he says he’s going through a rough phase and feels he should face it alone… I’m hurting […]

  • This is just hilarious honestly… the thing is as humans we all get attracted to beauty but it fades with time then you start getting irritated and annoyed about the person being dumb… so I’d be with […]

  • Dealing with depression or a depressed person is honestly one of the hardest things cause you really don’t know where to start from… just keep reminding the person there’s more to life, it’s really not that […]

  • Nah I don’t think you have the right to get mad, that’s even if you feel hurt cause someone you haven’t always had time for to hangout even if it was once or twice then you never really felt you needed to give the […]

  • Honestly that’s a really hard and tough one… I mean money literally gets you the basics to even survive but the thing is all about our mindset, contentment plus inner peace is a really strong characteristic when […]

  • Simply by ignoring it… Don’t act on it. It’s not a feeling like hunger that keeps getting stronger, with time it wears off. Unfortunately sometimes it occurs whenever you see the person so just try as much as […]

  • Simply cause they don’t know how to love or what love is; If they did they wouldn’t.

  • It is absolutely saves you the stress of trying to read signs and body language … You just have to be open to the feedback you’d get knowing it could be positive or negative and life goes on.

  • Job Title: Design Engineer
    Location: Lagos

              The Role

    The successful candidate will provide direct and specific design engineering support in the Civil /Structural area to project teams and will o […]

  • You just reminded me now that you asked.

  • You know they make superman look so weak and it’s not cool😣😣 which brings me to thinking thanos would actually dragggg him.

  • Nope! Absolutely don’t consider those as examination malpractices.

  • Nope! Not one bit😊

  • Lol. It’s fine
    Very true though I mean shit happens sometimes and we can’t really control it… all the same get back up and don’t feel intimidated by anyone coupled with spread enough love.

  • I feel this is where building your own high self esteem comes in not in an arrogant manner but in the ‘i love who I am manner this way nothing really gets to you and it’s easy to shrug them off.

  • The problem with this thing is so many people are confused about what it means So there are a lot of people standing for different things and then some people go ahead taking it to the extreme.

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