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      Yeah, yeah, we know: Anyone can die in Avengers: Infinity War.

      The Marvel marketing machine has been in overdrive promising death and destruction to fans of the franchise, with screenwriter Stephen McFeely promising, “It’s safe to say we will say farewell to people.”

      But let’s be real. We all know some of these heroes are safer than others. Some of these heroes have run their course, and are played by actors who seem ready to get off the MCU train. Others are just getting started, and already have sequels on the calendar.

      It’s worth keeping in mind, too, that “death” in comic book movies doesn’t mean the same thing it does in real life. Characters die and come back all the time; see Bucky or Loki or Nick Fury. And also that there’s another part to this story we won’t see ’til next year, when Avengers 4 shows up to finish what Infinity War started.

      All that said, we’re dying to know who’s dying in this one. So we’ve put together our best educated guesses, based on our obsessive knowledge of these characters, their movies, and the circumstances surrounding them. Here they are, roughly in order from least to most likely to bite the dust in Infinity War

      Black Panther 

      Yeah, there’s no way Marvel is killing off its golden goose just one movie in. Did you see how much money Black Panther made at the box office? Those are the kind of returns you move heaven and earth to repeat.

      As for Black Panther’s allies, friends, and loved ones: Shuri seems like a sure bet to survive, and probably Okoye as well. They’re too essential to the Black Panther franchise to write out this early. Ayo and M’Baku are more peripheral. We think they’ll make it, and we really really hope they do, but we wouldn’t be entirely shocked if they didn’t.

      Read full post https://mashable.com/2018/04/13/avengers-infinity-war-death-predictions/?utm_cid=hp-hh-sec#KtxlGpAq4Oqo

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