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      Please, Read it all.

      As I sat in my room reading some of @justseyi poem, I felt something light moving on my cheek. It was getting dark but I could still see what I was reading cos I was doing that on my phone. (check his instagram page ‘justseyi’ for more interesting poems) I was so obsessed with the poems that I wanted no distraction. The object moved slowly on my cheek tickling me. I just wanted to slap my cheek in order to dust the object off so I could continue what I was doing but then, I had a second thought.
      You know this kind of thing that you’ll want to kill a mosquito perching on someone’s face but you end up missing it. (You’ll cause wahala for yourself niyen) it’s either you find the mosquitoe and kill it or you allow the person slap you back lol. I was once a victim though.
      On second thought I was like what if I slap myself and ended up missing the object or probably insect? I’ll be mad at myself.
      Or what if it wasn’t something I should kill? Maybe I should gently rub it off the puff cheek.
      Holding unto my phone, (I still had more poems to read), I decided to use my mirror. I found out that it wasn’t insect, twas a little thread my cheek held on to while lying on my bed minutes ago. Thank God I had a second thought if not, I’ll just give myself a free hot slap cos I knew I was gonna slap it so hard (I don’t like insect perching on me esp my face). I gently took it off and continue reading the poems. ( See how interesting the poems were) @justseyi, Kudos.
      What I’m saying in essence is this. Don’t be too quick to react to something or someone cos you might end up hurting yourself thereby regretting why you had to do that.
      First, think of what will happen when you react too fast. It might bring out a bad result. Think of who’ll get hurt. Even if you’ll be the one to get hurt, don’t act too fast. Look at it, think of it then react.
      Happy Easter Celebration.
      I celebrated mine with those poems and a plate of chin chin winks*

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      I feel like a celebrity. Thank you.

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        Smiles. Glad making you feel that way.

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      Awwwn. Nice writeup
      I’m a fan of @justseyi too!????

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      Thanks bibiiee.
      Smiles. Let’s create more fans.

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