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      Being shy is a normal thing for everyone but abnormal to keep it that way. Shyness means the fear of social interaction, the feeling of being embarrassed. One can easily overcome shyness with dedicated time and effort including the desire for it. It is possible.

      1. Don’t make it known: There is no need to advertise your shyness. It’s not as visible as you probably think.
      2. Change your tone: If you blush when you’re uncomfortable, don’t equate it with shyness. Let it stand on it own.
      3. Avoid low self esteem: Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Do not allow your inner critic to put you down. Instead, analyse the power of that voice so you can defuse it.
      4. Choose relationships carefully: Shy people have fewer friends but deeper friendships. Make sure you associate with people who encourage you at all time.
      5. Name it: Make a list of all your nervous actions and worries. Name then, plan on how you’re going to eliminate them and move forward.

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>  I was once overshadowed by shyness. After I overcame it, I realized one thing and the thing is “shyness kills the inner spirit”. I’m more confident now.</p>

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      A couple of times. People think they are shy, because they have bad social skills but in reality they aren’t. Sometimes I can’t phantom the concept of shyness. A bold man can be shy in front of a lady, but still speak to a crowd of 10,000.

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        Probably because shyness is confused with confidence. I could have the confidence to stand up to a bully but not my brother.

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        @justseyi There’s are also people who can boldly talk to 10,000 ladies but shy to speak to one.

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        @irebami lol. Well they are often mixed up.

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        Very true!

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      Awesome write up dear…

      Shyness is the fear to awkwardness especially when people are around you.

      Shyness is fear and if one is not ready to face his fears he will end up being in tears…

      <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Mercified Mercy, this is a positive write up… You are awesome </span>

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      @Harlesh That’s very true, Fear of being criticized in an inferior-individuals atmosphere.

      Thanks dear. You’re awesome too.

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