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      Read this.

      Mum: Mercy!
      Me: Yes Mummy!
      Mum: So we won’t eat this morning abi? Or are you cooking in your room?
      Me: (Smiles) What are we eating this morning sef?
      Mum: Coman wash the beans for moi moi, I’ve soaked it.
      Me: Ah! But mummy it won’t be that clean o cos I don’t know how to do it.
      Mum: So your brother should do it today again abi? When you marry will you call him to wash beans for you to make moi moi? Goan wash it joor
      Me: (murmuring) If I wash it anyhow, you people will eat it anyhow.
      It took me much time to finish washing the beans. I washed and washed. I soon found interest in washing it cos I was listening to one of Adele’s songs with my earphone.
      Talking to myself: Ehn, see how clean the beans is becoming o, lemme continue. I’ll make sure mummy praise me in the presence of Kayode today. He’ll be acting ITK there.
      Kayode came to the kitchen to tell me mummy said I should hurry up with the beans. I should make eba there (t’eba sibe).

      Me: Can’t you see I’m almost through? If you’re hungry go and eat those junks you people stored in the freezer. Don’t rush me abeg.

      Kayode: (laughing) Okay! Lemme help you.

      Me: Mtcheeew. Just leave here.

      I returned to what I was doing. I was happy cos the beans is totally clean now. I poured it into a bowl and added the necessary things.

      Mummy I’m through o! I hollered

      Mum: At last. Let me see it.

      I brought it to her then she smiled
      Mum: Ehn! Now You See. House wife in the making.
      Me: (nodded) Ummm.

      The point is this, we claim we can’t do things cos we don’t know how to go about them. We kick off every opportunity to know how to that thing with the excuse of “I don’t know how to do it” or “I can’t do it”. When we give a lazy man something difficult to do, he might take much time but he’ll surely do it well. Same thing happened to me, I don’t want to learn how to wash the moi moi beans cos I was lazy. It consumes energy and time.
      But the issue is, when we get to learn those things, we feel so excited and wonder if we actually did it ourselves.
      There’s great joy in learning new things.
      I’ve learnt how to wash beans for moi moi now!

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      Some of us don’t want to learn because we hate it though.

      •poet•book worm•proud Villager• •jesus culture•

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      I love the post by the way.

      •poet•book worm•proud Villager• •jesus culture•

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      That’s right.
      Thank you!

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