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      Medicrib Pregnancy

      Pregnancy is a thing of joy, a time in the life of a couple when they feel fulfilled that their dreams are coming alive. Plans are made for the nursery and the parents dream of their kids first day at school, a wedding and all a parent can dream about. Though it always only paints a rosy picture, but it is also true that that there is a different side often not elaborated upon side of pregnancy. So, while some women get the glowing skin and nicely rounded baby bump, for other women it’s almost a nightmare.

      Some women may end up having quite a difficult pregnancy for various reasons. These may be expressed through various physiological changes. There are those which are more likely to be experienced which include the following described below;


      Indigestion and heart burn; This is because as the baby grows the stomach becomes tight, making the woman feel bloated and also causing the build-up of gas. Foods that are greasy, ice cream, burgers, carbonated drinks…what do they cause??


      Darkened nipples and pimples: This is due to the fact that during pregnancy the woman’s body produces more estrogen leading to higher levels of melanin.


      Constipation: Pregnancy hormones slow down the woman’s digestive tract considerably allowing more nutrients to be absorbed and passed to the foetus. Constipation could also be due to crowding of the bowel as the baby increases in size. Respite may come from eating more fibre containing foods like beans, vegetables, eating fresh fruits and drinking a lot of water. Also depending on how severe the constipation is, mild laxatives like milk of magnesia, Bisacodyl amongst others may be recommended by a physician. Ample exercises can also help.


      Sharp groin pain (backache): May start up during mid-pregnancy when ligaments in the pelvis start to stretch to accommodate the baby. These pains may also be felt when the weight of the baby’s head starts to press down on the woman’s pubic bone especially after a long day. This can be ameliorated by staying off your feet when the pain starts until the pain passes and you may ask your physician about taking pain killers if it’s necessary.


      Nausea with or without vomiting (morning sickness): For some women this happens only in the mornings and for the first few months of being pregnant while for others it’s all day round and may last till the full term of the pregnancy . This has been said to be likely due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone. There is no single remedy for this but ducking on ginger products and vitamin B6 may help, taking a small snack before bedtime (to prevent the stomach from becoming completely empty) and eating bland foods like toast and crackers too . . .


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      This makes one fear pregnancy ????????

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