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      Happiness is that beautiful elevating  feeling when everything just feels right, colourful and bright. This state of mind should be our main goal all the time.

      Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen events, this might be difficult to achieve. Let us board the plane on ways to be happy. Wishing all passengers safe, blissful and insightful trip.


      1. Never base your happiness on money: oh honey, just know I’m hugging you right now if the source of your happiness is money because you’re gonna be very sad, miserable and down in this present economy or be pushed to do very despicable or immoral things.

      2. Render help you’re capable of giving to those who need it

      3. Exercise and eat healthy: good health promotes happiness on its own.

      4. Never do things begrudgingly: if a task you’re doing isn’t streaming from your heart, you will never be happy doing them. It has a descending effect even if you’d get a million thanks after finishing said task.

      5. Do what you love: what better way to be happy than doing what you love?  Always create time for things you love, be it writing, singing,  dancing, reading, cooking, cleaning and so on.

      6. Always consider other people’s emotions: trust me conscience could be a loud disturbing ringing bell on your happiness if you do what is wrong to others. Here is a tip for you : before performing an action (which includes uttering of words) first reflect if you would like or be able to tolerate if such words or actions are done to you. If no, sir/miss/madame, please shut up and sit down.

      7. Spend your day conscious of every action: don’t go on autopilot mode where by your body is performing action due to used-to routine but your mind is elsewhere.

      8.  Find something that would be the climax of your day: this should be a routine you shouldn’t skip. It might be seeing a particular cute girl or boy  smiling at you(wink wink), talking to beloved ones, seeing a movie, spending time with nature, and so on. Mine is taking a nap after arriving home.

      9. Please don’t do drugs: the effects of drugs never lasts forever. Don’t be that dimwit that disrupts the chemical balance in his body that puts him in a hypnotic-like haze. Artificial stimulation is never right. All good things lies in naturalness which lies in simplicity. (I don’t mean smoke weed and other ‘herbal’ones They are all artificial stimulation).

      We’ve reached our destination, I hope you had a pleasant and insightful trip. Remember to keep your thoughts pure, only then can you be truly happy and bring yourself blessings from within you. if your thoughts are the type that would gross people out or make them retreat because of so much darkness if they could see them, never harbor them again. I sincerely wish all of you a happy life.



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