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      Student Village Rules

      • No Adverts should be posted on forum topics and posts click here to use our market place which is designated for that purpose
      • Student Village frowns on any form of PORNOGRAPHY, HATE SPEECHES, BODY SHAMING, RACISM, and the use of VULGAR WORDS on the platform
      • Student village would not allow posts that advertise result upgrade, 100% fixed games and any form of defrauding that might affect its members
      • Ensure you post in the right topic in the right section
      • Ensure information posted on the platform are true to avoid misleading fellow villagers
      • Posts repetition are frowned on. Before starting a thread ensure such threads haven’t existed before.

      Market Place rules.

      • Scamming of fellow villagers is frowned upon.
      • Buyers should not make payments online.
      • Transactions should be done in safe environments. Therefore both parties should meet in mutual environment
      • Sellers should not request for payment first from buyers without showing the other party the goods in person.
      • Proper description of the product should be given on the post or it would be removed.
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      ojo oluwagbenga

      Uhmm…In the second decree of the first section, I’d say there’s no racism in Nigeria.

      However there’s tribalism.

      Have a wonderful night…cheers

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        Thank you, an update would be make soon

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